Mercurien is an innovator in Automotive telematics for fleet management, driver risk and insurance.

Since 2010, we have developed telemetry systems to increase the safety of driving and to make it less costly. With millions of kilometres now reviewed for risk we bring a unique data set to the issue of driver safety. The data set can be used to change driver behaviour, create new underwriting models and predictive risk analysis.

Current Applications

We use the world's best hardware as sensors to provide inputs for mobility telematics. 

One device delivering per second data.

One platform. All in the cloud. 

One data set. Multiple Uses. 

One minute install. Immediate Benefits.

BetterDriver™ is for business and covers the needs of businesses looking for way to manage their cars and their drivers – it is both ‘black box’ and smart phone app and comes with an FBT logbook and driver safety reports.
Better Driver

FleetRisk aims to diminish the social and economic harm and costs of road crashes in the workplace by providing an objective, data-driven approach to mitigating driver-behaviour risk.


Our Approach

One Device – Every advantage.

OBDII ‘plug and play’ for immediate self install.

Global SIM from a global telco. Works anywhere there is a mobile network.

Web-connected cloud access to data and reporting.

Driver friendly coaching scores based on real world behaviour.

Trip by trip analytics and live driver ranking

One price all in. No surprises.

With rich data about how drivers drive we can start to address the risks, costs and taxes associated with owning, driving and operating motor vehicles.


Fleet Management

Our focus is on safety first and foremost. 47.5% of workplace injuries and fatalities involve motor vehicles. We provide objective data, constant feedback and trip by trip analysis of driver behaviours like harsh braking and acceleration as well as speed against posted speed zones.

Using our approach can save between 12% and 22% of the total cost if operating a fleet.

When it comes to vehicle maintenance and health ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Engine Check light alerts means you can get out ahead of the maintenance curve acting early to prevent  expensive repairs.

Geofencing allows you to know when and where drivers move in and out of approved or non-approved areas that might increase their risk of injury.

“Working Behind the Wheel” is real work. More so now than ever.

Commercial Motor Fleet Insurance

Operating a fleet can be expensive, risky and frustrating. Excesses costs customers and loss ratios cause insurers headaches.

A safer fleet is good business for you and your insurer. Our approach is to use the BetterDriver™ system to help drivers moderate their behaviour. When they do that we see crash rates drop by between 38% and 60%. This means less headaches for the fleet operators, less downtime, less excesses paid and a better relationship with your insurer and broker.

We use the same data set to

  1. build an FBT log book
  2. assess potential for Fuel Tax Claims.
  3. analyse utilisation to know how vehicles are being used.
  4. right size your fleet so the right vehicles are in the right place doing the right job.

We are more then happy to work with your broker or insurer to ensure that the insurance you are buying reflects the improved fleet safety.





Data Science and Insights

We have over 15 million kilometres (and increasing) and hundreds of millions of events of risk rated driving data. It is stamped by time date and location and type of event. It is able to be used for road safety analytics, traffic flows, tax analytics, time of day analysis and road flow analysis.

Our data sits in an AWS distributed cloud computing environment. We use both large-scale batch and real-time processing to develop our learning and insights.

If you are interested in partnering with us on data analytics please get in touch.

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