Mercurien is an innovator in mobility telematics.

Since 2010, we have developed telemetry systems to increase the safety of driving and to make it less costly.

Current Applications

We use both black box and smartphone applications as sensors to provide inputs for mobility telematics. Currently we are focussed on fleet optimisation and Usage Based Insurance (UBI).

BetterDriver™ is for business and covers the needs of businesses looking for way to manage their cars and their drivers – it is both ‘black box’ and smart phone app and comes with an FBT logbook and driver safety reports.
Better Driver
Roameeo is a driving app for individuals and families that rates you and gives you feedback at the end the trip. We are developing offers for our ‘Roamers’ and it will be continually evolving.

Our Approach

Listen, learn and create solutions that help customers in their everyday lives. This focus has started with driving and our mission is simple.

“Save money and save lives.”


Our expertise is creating applications that are easy to use across mobile, web and enterprise systems. We thrive on feedback and push ourselves to deliver excellence.

Data Insights

We love collecting data, analysing data and creating value from it for our users.

Our platform enables us to process and deliver valuable insights to users who need reliable and responsive feedback.


Our focus is to move into commercial environments and create disruptive business models that change the way information and money flows.

Our users love this because it can save them time and money.

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