Partnership with SenSen Networks


Australian Software Company, Mercurien Limited and leading provider of Video Business Intelligence Solutions, SenSen Networks Pty Ltd are pleased to announce a Joint Technology Partnership to develop a video identification system for the automated billing of motor vehicles in parking environments. The new system will run at financial grade.

The system will combine video processing technology developed by SenSen, with Mercuriens high speed, web based financial transaction processing platform. The end result will permit the automated billing of vehicles in parking environments, without the need for traditional tags, tickets and boom gates, saving operators millions of dollars in capital expenditure, maximising collection rates and reducing costs. Existing car park management systems are based on software and hardware design principles from the pre-web era. Through the implementation of Mercuriens detection system and SenSens technology, high volume vehicle transaction based companies have the potential to completely reshape their cost base.

Mercurien will now relocate to a production and deployment facility where it will conduct live refinement of the planned vehicle recognition system that integrates the SenSen technology with Mercuriens detection system.
In commenting on this unique partnership, Philip Haynes, Chief Technical Officer, Mercurien said,
“SenSen is a leading company in the provision of video intelligence. This means they have a real dedication to creating a video solution for vehicle billing purposes. I am very confident that our combined approach in detecting and identifying vehicles will accelerate the ability to deliver a financial grade solution for car park owners and operators.”

In commenting on the potential for the technology, Professor Subhash Challa, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, SenSen Networks said,

“The idea of a ticketless parking system is very intriguing to us.”

“SenSen has been developing video identification solutions for some time and the partnership will see us enter a new phase of development, with the potential to expand our international business opportunities.”

Michael Graham, CEO Mercurien said,

“Ticketless parking using video has not yet been deployed at financial grade; where the accuracy needs to be well above 95%. Financial grade video, combined with the Skymetre financial grade GPS tag will give us two best in class ways to price vehicle usage of road assets.”

“Ticketless Parking using video and backed by high speed processing will enable a range of solutions. These could include value-add services such as free-flow entry and exit to car parks and the ability to deliver promotional and safety messages to customers, drivers, parking management and shop owners. This is exciting technology that may well become the widely adopted system in the not too distant future.”

“Our partnership with Sensen will accelerate our solution development greatly and reduces the commercial risk typically associated with innovative technology implementations. We are delighted as it provides Mercurien with enhanced capabilities to deliver an essential component of the overall Mercurien Platform.”


Mercurien is an Australian software-as-a-service company that has developed a world-leading transactional web platform with applications in car parking and toll roads. The technology platform is a native to the web investment grade financial transaction and accounting platform. Designed using a “Pure Web” paradigm it provides transactional and accounting support and delivers billing and administration services at a fraction of the cost of last century enterprise grade alternatives.

The Mercurien Platform provides car park and tolling companies the opportunity to operate on one system across multiple sites in real time, instead of the current site by site standalone systems approach. Its this ability to scale across multiple sites that reshapes the car parking and toll roads business models because of the significant one-off and ongoing cost savings.

Our goal is to help companies who manage large transaction volumes to make more money by lowering both capital and operating costs. For more information, please visit the Company website,


SenSen Networks is a leading provider of Video Business Intelligence solutions (VBI). These solutions extract relevant information from video cameras and help enterprises to optimize their business operations.

SenSen solutions are easy to deploy and deliver relevant, accurate and actionable business intelligence to enterprises. Several businesses across many industries have successfully deployed SenSen solutions for varied applications including toll way management, law enforcement and facilities management.

Imagination is truly the limit of what can be done with SenSen’s VBI solutions and its applications cut across many industries. For more information, please visit