Mercurien Pty Ltd Platform leads the way in processing micro transactions at scale

Mercurien Limited is pleased to announce the results of performance benchmarking of the Mercurien Platform with one of the world leading hardware super computer providers.

The review was developed to understand whether Mercurien was taking the right architectural approach for a high transaction-processing Telco client.

Using the same Mercurien software and test data, a leading computer manufacturer provided a supercomputer (512 cores and 2TB RAM) for independent verification. The test data involved 6-million client records being searched (where each record contains approximately 30 fields).

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 5.28.29 PM

Results indicated at 23 cores, a super computer ($3M+) was taking 8.613 seconds to process 6 million records verses the Mercurien hardware/software design of 0.08 sec. This result indicates that attempting to process millions of small tasks using conventional hardware/software designs is no longer an appropriate strategy. Rather, to achieve significantly better performance and economies of scale, hardware/software platform need to be co-designed to take advantage of multi-core CPU’s.

The Mercurien Platform is inherently designed to take advantage of parallel/multicore performance processing that can enable business to achieve improved efficiencies and economies in a large transaction based business (that is; hundreds of millions of transactions per day).

In discussing the results, Phillip Haynes, Mercurien CTO said:
“Since the trial, our internal performance testing is achieving searches of up to 70 million records in under a second using commodity hardware ($50K). This will make a significant difference to any organisation looking to take advantage of large data transaction processing. ”

In commenting on the performance tests, Mercurien CEO, Michael Graham said:
For Mercurien this is real proof that our platform is now able to deliver significant cost savings and unlock the data gridlock many organisations find themselves in. We believe this lifts the industry benchmark in transactional performance processing.”

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