Mercurien Pty Ltd and Lone Worker Announce Partnership To Deliver Emergency App For Smartphones

Today, Mercurien Pty Ltd and LoneAlarm Pty Ltd announce a marketing partnership to offer LoneAlarm’s smartphone application. The Lone Worker/Lone Person app extends Mercurien’s driver risk management system to and on-the-job and personal safety.

Lone Worker Alarm and Lone Person Alarm are a natural fit for Mercurien customers seeking to improve employee safety when car drivers leave their company vehicles, but remain under their employer’s “Duty of Care”.

The App is in final testing and discussions are underway with potential partners and customers.

“We are excited to integrate LoneAlarm’s personal safety solutions into our service offerings, because we believe our target market of enterprise businesses and their insurers will recognize the benefits of a total solution for their mobile workforces.” commented Michael Graham, CEO, Mercurien Pty Ltd.

“Traditional offerings require a separate piece of hardware”, says Graham “but with smartphone penetration above 70% in a few years we think that smartphone functionality and cloud deployment models will trump third party hardware.”

“Our platform-independent smartphone solution — with automatic fall detection, interval timer or ‘Dead Man Switch’ and a panic button — offers a simple, user-friendly, cost-effective response to the safety and compliance requirements that govern workplaces today.” says Peter Beadle, founder and CEO of Lone Alarm.

“The applications of this are intriguing to us”, says Mercurien’s Graham. “We have been developing a driving app for some time and this affords extra functionality to simple applications like log books and driver distress notifications. We think it is an essential part of the WH&S regime in the workplace.”

The Enterprise version of the system allows for centralised call centre routing, supervisor notification and can be deployed from a corporate intranet. The personal version will be available soon in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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